Save Money on Plants Online

Bargain Garden was founded as a means to get quality plants to consumers who either don’t have time to shop at the garden center or they live in a rural area that isn’t close enough to make the trip worth while.  While scouring the internet, our founders realized that you can purchase many plants online but in most cases they are REALLY expensive.

Many of the online sellers are not even real growers or plant people.  Just marketing companies w/ clever ads and inflated prices.  Or, you can go on Amazon and find these same plants priced even higher just so they can cover the cost of Amazon’s percentage fee. We are Wholesale Growers with Retail Garden centers.  We know what it costs to produce a plant from start to finish.  We are literally experts at this. So, we thought, why don’t we just start selling our plants and garden products direct to the consumer at unbeatable prices?

This is how came to be.  Over the last few years, we have learned to be experts in selling online and providing quality plants at reasonable online prices.  We have also expanded into selling supplies and accessories and have direct sourcing through our years of garden center industry networking.  This allows us to provide these products at very consumer friendly and competitive pricing.

During the winter months, we take pre-orders for spring plants that we produce and will have ready for sale in April-May time frame.  By pre-ordering over the winter with us, you save even more $ and will receive your order as soon as the product is ready and weather allows us to safely ship.

We take pride in passing savings on to you while making the world a greener place! So, please support our Mission at !

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