Tomato Mortgage Lifter (3 Plants)

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Huge, 16 to 24-oz. (454 to 680-g), heirloom tomatoes are consistent winners in taste tests. Rich and meaty, with few seeds, Mortgage Lifter is excellent for slicing, sandwiches and salsas. Developed in the 1930s by a gardener who was able to pay off his mortgage in six years, thanks to his tomato discovery!

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Scientific Name: Solanum lycopersicum

Common Name: Heirloom Slicer

Water: Medium

Fertilize: Once a month

Spacing: 24 – 36″ (61 – 91cm)

Height: 36 – 40″ (91 – 102cm)

Width: 18 – 24″ (46 – 61cm)

Exposure: Sun

General Information: Easy-to-care-for prolific plants provide more fruit longer.
This huge heirloom beefsteak (up to 4 pounds; average 2 ½ pounds) consistently wins taste-tests.
Developed in the 1930’s by a gardener who planted the four biggest varieties he knew, and crossed one with pollen from the other three.
He did this for six seasons and created a variety that produced immense, tasty fruit.
He sold the plants for $1 a piece at 1,000 a year – and paid off his mortgage in six years.

Grower Information:

Days to harvest: 80
Fruit Size: 16-24 oz. (454-680 g)
Growth: Indeterminate


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