We are now Shipping Our Plants!

It’s that time of year again where it is socially and weather(ly) acceptable to Ship Your Plants! We are now shipping our shrubs across the United States.  Carol S. from Connecticut just received an assortment of hydrangea shrubs and had this to say. “Bargain Garden shipped my plants right away and they arrived in excellent condition! I know they are not full size plants but the quality of the roots and the branching on these shrubs are excellent! I’m very happy that they shipped my plants!”

The shrubs that we are shipping now are the same size and root mass that major nurseries plant into 3 gallon pots and sell later that year for $40 and more. So, our customers are getting a great value!!

Our perennial plants begin shipping in early April followed closely by our famous selection of annuals, vegetables and herb plants.  Browse our selection now to order and Ship Your Plants!




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