6 Easy Steps for Starting Seeds Indoors


Does this sound how you feel about seed starting? It doesn’t have to be by following a few easy guidelines to make you feel brave enough to try it on your own!

1.) Need for Seeds

Bargain Garden offers a huge variety of seeds and accessories to make it as painless as possible. Everything from Bird of Paradise to Bird House Gourd seeds, We have heirloom and organic vegetables & herbs as well. From the most trusted brands from Taste of Italy, Livingston & Burpee and more!

2.) A Smart Start

When should seeds be started indoors you may ask? The packaging of the seeds gives most of the information you could want when thinking of growing something. It tells you how many days to germination (when the first signs of life will pop out of the soil) to the date of maturity(when you can harvest the food or it will flower). It will also typically tell you how deep to plant it and if it is sun or shade loving.

3.) Select A Spot

Successful seeds require a good location providing sun and warmth to get started.Most choose windowsills, which suffice but do become very drafty and cooler at night.If this is a problem, heat mats and grow lights are the perfect solution. These are great for growing in the basement or a spare bedroom. Place a heat mat under the plants to establish a root system and keep plants warm. Grow lights act as the sun in perfect conditions. Ideal placement is directly above the plant, so they do not stretch to one side. Alsip offers both incandescent, fluorescent and halogen lights.

4.) Pick A Pot

What to grow them in? There are so many options but find what suits your situation best. We have all sorts of pots that decompose when planted in the ground, Plantation pots come in an array of sizes, Net pots/cups are used for hydroponic systems that have the plant’s roots suspended over a nutrient solution, mini greenhouses are the best to go as they help with humidity and keep everything just a little bit tidier and then there are hydroponic starter sets.

5.) Satiate Your Seeds

We have it all for seed starting soil! Dr. Earth Root Zone Seed Starter is top of the line. Using Dr. Earth Seed Starter Fertilizer will give plants the best start they could ask for when combined with our tips! When watering it is important to use a light stream and keeping the soil moist but not sopping wet, this is best accomplished by using a spray bottle.

6.) Harden Your Garden

Once the plants have successfully grown and are ready to be hardened off, our mini greenhouses are a great option to do this is in. If this is a new journey for you a 3 Tier Mini Greenhouse might be big enough and if not we also carry the Walk In Mini Greenhouses and a few sizes in between to fit every ones needs.

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